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Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

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Avoid A Sump Pump Malfunction With A Clear Discharge Line

An important element of keeping your sump pump working properly is to ensure that water is able to flow freely around the system. When there is a problem in your discharge line, this can't happen. Waste water from your home flows out of the sump pump into a discharge line, where it is routed away from your home. When the discharge line is obstructed, it ends up backing up around the sump pump, where it can cause significant damage. The best way to avoid this is to keep the discharge line clear.


Unfortunately, the same space that the water uses to exit out the discharge line is also prone to debris. Sand, dirt, leaves and other debris normally found outside can all easily seep into the line. When the debris builds up, this creates a clog that blocks the water from passing through. Once this happens, you need to remove the clog and then take measures to prevent the issue from occurring again.

This is best achieved by installing a mesh screen or grated cover over the line opening. These additions are designed to keep larger debris out, while still allowing the water to pass through. It's important to note that these coverings aren't as good at keeping out smaller particles like dirt and sand, so you will still need to have the line cleaned routinely in order to prevent a problem.  


Another issue that can arise is the line freezing. This is an especially common concern if you live in a colder climate. With regular operation, it's normal to have some level of water left over inside the discharge line. However, during the winter, when the temperature is lower, this collected water can easily freeze and block the line.

Installing a line attachment can help. The line attachment basically creates an additional exit point for water to flow out. Instead of the water pooling inside the line and freezing, it all flows out. Keep in mind that if the line attachment is large, you may need to install a mesh screen over it as well so it doesn't get clogged.

A professional technician like those at Frank Niesen Company can repair your sump pump and install preventive aids to help you avoid either of these scenarios. With these additions and a commitment to regular system and line cleanings, you can avoid a malfunction and keep your sump pump system working more efficiently.