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Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

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Options to Consider When Renting a Portable Toilet or Mobile Restroom for an Outdoor Graduation Party

If you are going to be hosting an outdoor graduation party on a piece of property that does not contain plumbing, renting a portable toilet or mobile unit will provide guests with a suitable restroom and access to clean water throughout the event. Consider the following options when selecting a rental unit that will satisfy the needs of your guests.

Features for Handicapped Individuals

Many portable toilets or mobile units can have features added to them that will assist handicapped or elderly guests. A unit that has a ramp leading up to its doorway will make it possible for those with special needs to enter the premises in an easy manner. Safety rails can be added outside and inside of a unit so that individuals can hold on to them while they are preparing to use the facility.

Some toilet models have seats that can be elevated with the touch of a button and will help someone sit down or stand up without assistance. Ask about each of the features that are available when contacting a rental facility so that you can select the items that your guests will be in need of.

A Mobile Unit with Multiple Stalls

If you are going to be hosting a large event that a lot of people will be attending, renting a restroom trailer may be beneficial. Trailers often contain several stalls so that multiple people can use the facility at the same time. Each stall will have a lock on its door so that guests are provided with privacy. Many rental companies offer units that provide air conditioning and heat and that can have decorative items added to the inside of them so that guests will remain as comfortable as possible while using the facility. 

A Unit That Provides a Changing Area and Showering Facility

If you have guests who have small children or who may wish to freshen up during the party, rent a unit that provides a changing area and showering facility. Parents who need to change their young children will appreciate having an area that is designed for their needs. If anyone spills food or beverages on themselves during the event, they can clean up inside of the restroom unit without needing to leave the party in order to acquire clean water.

Units that are rented out are sanitized by a rental company and will be set up wherever an event is taking place. Once the graduation party is over, arrangements can be made to have a unit picked up at a convenient time.