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Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

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Four Advantages Of An Electric Water Heater For Your New Bathroom Addition

If you are planning on adding a bathroom to your home or perhaps converting an existing room to lease out, and are looking to build a bathroom with a separate water heater, you may want to consider buying an electric water heater instead of a gas powered one. Setting aside the differences in utility costs between gas an electric, because rates vary around the country, there are certain advantages in going with an electric water heater. The following are four of them.

They are easier to install

Gas heaters require a ventilation shaft. Usually the ventilation shaft will go up through the roof, so a hole will need to be cut in your roof. With an electric heater, naturally, you will need power, but it is simple for an electrician to build an outlet near the heater, or route the power to the heater.

They take up less space

The main reason they take up less space relates to regulations regarding the ventilation of gas heaters. In addition to the requirements for a ventilation shaft, there are also distance requirements around the sides of the tank and the top of the tank. The reason for this is to prevent gas leaking, and then building up, possibly leading to an explosion. The exact distances that are required will depend upon the area you live in. Obviously, with electric power, this type of safety precaution is not necessary, so you can install these water heaters in tighter spaces.

There is no pilot light

From time to time a gas pilot light can extinguish. This never happens with an electric system. Of course, you may be thinking that if the power goes out, then your heater will no longer operate, like a gas heater would. But a gas heater will no longer work either, because though they operate on gas, the ignition switch is electric. Having an electric water heater during a power outage is not different than having a gas heater.

Timers can be used on electric water heaters

Electric timers can be installed and programmed to have water heated during the exact times you want the water to be hot. This allows for lower power consumption for your water heater. A gas water heater will turn on when the water drops to a set temperature, so you are heating up water that you may not need.

Whether you decide to use an electric water heater or a more traditional gas water heater is up to you, but for any new home building project that requires a new water heater, the above advantages with an electric heater should be given consideration. Contact a business, such as Allcounty Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, for more information.