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Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

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Do Your Drains Need Cleaned? Recognizable Signs For Homeowners

Homeowners who are forced to deal with the aftermath of a sewage backup into their home are sure to be proactive about keeping their home's drains clean. But homeowners who have not suffered this type of smelly devastation may not know what signs might signal that a clogged drain situation is developing. If you are a homeowner who would like to learn more about the drain cleaning needs of the average home, especially the signs of trouble that you should recognize, the following information is sure to be helpful. 

Noticing unpleasant odors 

A common sign that a raw sewage problem is building with your home's drain system involves unpleasant smells. At first, there may be only slight, unpleasant scents that are noticeable whenever water is being used in sinks, tubs, and showers or when toilets are being flushed. As the clog worsens, the smell will become stronger and may be very noticeable even when no water is being used. Similar odor issues may also be noted outside the home, particularly in areas where drain lines, septic tanks, or drain fields are located. 

Noticing the presence of tiny flies 

Another unpleasant but very noticeable clue that a clogged drain problem is occurring is if small flies are seen in and around the drains in the home. Fruit and drain flies, as well as some types of other insects, can be attracted to the scents given off by a dirty or clogged drain system because they know they will be able to find both food and moisture. 

Noticing unusual sounds 

Sounds, such as gurgles and rumbles, that begin to be noticed whenever water is released into the drains or a toilet if flushed is another sign of a looming drain clog. As undrained sewage takes up more room in the pipes, less room is available for incoming water, causing pressure-related gurgling and whooshing sounds to occur. 

 Noticing more clogged drain issues

Most households expect to experience a clogged sink or toilet from time to time. Often this occurs due to allowing greasy liquids into the kitchen sink or attempting to flush too much toilet tissue in the bathroom. But when clogs occur more often or without a known cause, homeowners are likely experiencing a sign of a worsening clogged drain situation that will need to be addressed. 

To learn more about drain cleaning, including modern methods such as water jetting and the use of remote cameras, contact a drain cleaning service in your local area.