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Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

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This Is Why You Shouldn't Ignore A Leak Under Your Sink

Leaks develop under sinks all the time. It's bound to happen since both the pipe that carries away wastewater and the pipes that bring in fresh water typically are under a sink. But if you've been content to place a bucket under the leak and leave it at that, you should really reconsider. You might be doing considerable damage to your home without realizing it. Here's why you should get some help.

Splash Damage

Putting a bucket under the leak will help in the short-term, but it's not a long-term solution at all.

First of all, when that bucket overflows — which it inevitably will — that water will flow directly onto the floor or into the cabinet that your sink is mounted over. Once this happens, it can start doing damage to the cabinetry and the flooring. If enough of this happens, it can cause rot in both, which is extremely dangerous to your health and will typically only get worse without help.

Secondly, even if your bucket didn't overflow, every drop that lands in that bucket likely splashes. As the water approaches the top, the splash will spray a small amount of water on the surrounding surfaces, like the wall next to the sink or the cabinets. Once again, it can do significant damage over a long period of time and could cause your wall, cabinet, or floor to rot.

While it's understandable that you might be trying to catch the leak instead of seeking help because it can be pricey, it will definitely cost far more if you have to sign up for a bunch of repairs to fix your floor, wall, and cabinet, too. So go with the smaller cost and get help now.

Getting Help

Getting help for this problem is as easy as calling a plumber. Whether your leak is located directly under the sink or is in the wall behind it, they'll be able to fix the problem for you.

In most cases, leaks like these are simply caused because pipes get old. They can start to separate from one another and create leaks, or the intake pipes can break down after years of chronic exposure to water, especially hot water. So don't worry; it's nothing you did and not due to neglect.

Plumbing problems happen, but how you act after they develop can make a big difference in the bill you end up paying. Contact a residential plumbing repair contractor for more information.