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Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

I have never been the kind of person that loves to decorate their home, but when we started planning our first new home build, I got kind of into the process. I decided to choose high-end fixtures that would really set our home apart, and the difference was astounding. It was amazing to see how much nicer the plumbing fixtures operated, and how enjoyable it was to use them. This blog is all about choosing better plumbing fixtures and understanding how to install them on your own. You never know, you might uncover a new skill that will really benefit you in the future.

Common Well Water Pressure Problems And Solutions

As a homeowner with a well, discovering low water pressure can be worrisome. If your well seems like it isn't producing the water pressure you're accustomed to, don't resign yourself to it. There are a few common causes of low water pressure that you should know about so that you can deal with them.

What Could Be Causing Your Low Water Pressure?

If you've had well water for a while but just recently experienced the pressure drop, that's a sign that you may have a water supply problem or a clog in the lines. If there's an obstruction in the pipes, that will hinder water flow and reduce the pressure you get at the faucet. In addition, this can happen because of cracks in the pipes that interfere with the pressure in the system.

In some situations, the supply problem actually originates at the well itself. Low water levels in the well will lead to low pressure in the pipes, particularly if the well isn't refilling sufficiently. This can happen due to drought or due to soil erosion that blocks the water vein feeding the well.

Another common pressure problem that you can encounter is a failing well pump. If the pump isn't keeping up with the demand, that will result in lower pressure at your water fixtures.

How Can You Deal With Low Pressure?

If your well system just generally struggles to keep up with the water pressure you need in the house, installing a constant pressure system can help to resolve the problem. 

When your water supply issue is due to damaged or clogged pipes, you'll need to have a plumber evaluate the problem and replace the damaged pipes or flush the clog through the lines. This can help restore the full water flow.

If your issue resides with the water pump or low supply in the well, you'll need to have a well specialist come out to address the issues. In some cases, you can dig the well a little bit deeper to hit another water vein. In other cases, you may need to have a completely new well drilled to get more water.

Now that you understand some of the common causes of low water pressure from your well water, you'll be better prepared for dealing with them. With the help of a local well specialist and a plumber, you can keep your water supply as consistent as possible.