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Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

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Did Your Home's Sump Pump Freeze? Know What To Do

Some homes have a pit inside the basement, known as a sump, which fills up with water. A pump is used to remove that water by pumping it into the sewer system or away from the home through a drainage pipe. If the temperatures outside are really cold, it is possible for the water in the sump or the drainage pipe to freeze. Be aware of what you should do if this were to happen to you.

What To Do When The Sump Pump Is Frozen

You should immediately turn off your home's sump pump when you notice a problem with the sump or drainage lines being frozen. If you ignore the problem and leave the pump turned on, it could cause the motor on the sump pump to eventually burn out, which will require sump pump repair or replacement.

For pumps that drain out to the yard, you will need to locate the pipe and investigate it. It is common to have the drainage tube connected to the pipe coming out of your basement. Disconnect the tube so that you can access it. You may need a screwdriver to disconnect any clamp that holds the drainage tube onto the pipe.

You will need to get rid of the ice that is in the tube. If ice is just in one end of the pipe, use a tool that is long and sharp to break up the ice inside the tube, being careful not to damage the tube itself. If the ice is through the entire tube, you can pour hot water on the tube itself to melt the ice inside it. You can also wrap electric heat tape around to tube to gradually melt the ice.

If your home's sump pump pit is frozen, then you should just wait it out until the ice melts on its own. Frozen water means that the water level is not going to increase, so you should not have to worry about the water levels increasing and water getting into your basement.

What To Do When The Sump Pump Is Broken

When the motor on the sump pump burns out, you will need to have the unit serviced. Contact a plumber in your city that specializes in sump pumps. They can get the necessary parts to repair the sump pump, or help you purchase and install a new sump pump for your home.

For more information on frozen sump pumps, ask a plumber such as ATA's Plumbing.