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Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

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Do You Need A Filtration System For Your Home's Water? 2 Options To Consider

Do you notice a white residue that gets on your dining ware after you run them through the dishwasher, or want to make sure that water coming out of your faucets is high quality and safe for drinking? You may need a water filtration system. The systems to do this have their own pros and cons, which can make the shopping process feel overwhelming. Know the differences between the two systems and select the one that you feel you need the most.

Water Purification Filter

If you live in a county or municipality that provides water to your home, you can get water testing results to verify the purity of your water since the EPA requires that the information is made public. The tests that are performed will measure dozens of different particulates in the water, which include heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, minerals, and water hardness.

When the test results show that the water coming out of your faucets falls within ranges of acceptable quality, water purification filtration system may not be necessary. While some people will argue that a purification system will not do much more to the water, others could think that the government sets low standards on water purification, and that a purification system will improve the water even more. The choice is a personal one in this situation.

When water comes from a private source, like your own well, it's important to have it tested to see if contaminants are in it. There are home water testing kits you can purchase, or you can send samples to a local lab for testing. It is the best way to determine if pollutants, like fertilizer runoff, are getting into your well water.

Water Softening Systems

Every wash your dishes and find a chalky residue or water spots? How about soap that does not lather very well? You most likely have a problem with hard water. This happens when water takes on the minerals of rocks that are rich with calcium. It isn't harmful to anybody, but it can dry out your hair, skin, and cause appliances that use water to fail prematurely.

Consider having a softening system installed that replaces the calcium minerals with potassium ions or salt. A reverse osmosis system uses a membrane that will capture the minerals to filter it out of your water.

For help having either of these filtration systems installed in your home, contact a local plumber like Garabedian Plumbing & Heating Inc.