Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

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Choosing Better Plumbing Fixtures

I have never been the kind of person that loves to decorate their home, but when we started planning our first new home build, I got kind of into the process. I decided to choose high-end fixtures that would really set our home apart, and the difference was astounding. It was amazing to see how much nicer the plumbing fixtures operated, and how enjoyable it was to use them. This blog is all about choosing better plumbing fixtures and understanding how to install them on your own. You never know, you might uncover a new skill that will really benefit you in the future.

Quick And Easy Summer Energy Saving Plumbing Tips

In terms of energy expenditure, summer temperatures spike energy bills. With so much being made of improved energy efficiency, you might forget that one of the easiest ways to help you save more energy (and more money in the process) is by focusing on your plumbing.

These plumbing tips will help save you money and energy:


Although you might be aware of high efficiency (HE) appliances, you probably aren't as aware of HE plumbing fixtures. Not only are these next generation plumbing fixtures widely available, but they're also becoming increasingly affordable. When considering what to update in your home or business, you may want to start by making a list of the outdated (15 years or older) fixtures. These fixtures might include:

  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Shower heads
  • Sinks 
  • Drains

Once you've compiled your list, you may want to consider focusing on one room at a time. Aside from focusing on the aesthetic of the HE fixtures you're considering, you should also look for fixtures with lifetime warranties. Choosing fixtures with such warranties will help ensure that the fixture will be useable long enough to help you recoup the cost of going HE.

Go Automated

In addition to choosing HE fixtures, you may also want to consider opting for  automated technology. Automated plumbing appliances and fixtures essentially use sensors and other "smart" technology to control water usage and perform basic functions.

  • Leak Sensors: these sensors can be installed under under sinks, in toilet tanks, and even in drains. Essentially, the leak sensors is designed to detect small leaks that you might otherwise not catch. Once a leak is detected, an automated alert will be sent to your email or phone to alert you of the leak. Even a small 1 ounce per hour leak can add up to over 68 gallons a year. You might never catch these leaks without a leak detector. 
  • Touchless: touchless toilets and faucets can be turned on or off without having to manually open or close a valve. Not only are touchless toilets and faucets more sanitary, they can also reduce your water consumption.  

Go Capture

Much of the water that flows out of American homes and businesses can be easily repurposed for things like washing dishes, flushing toilets, or watering plants. Furthermore, rainfall can easily be collected and repurposed. 

If you're interested in water capturing systems you should consider contacting a local plumbing professional like Steve's Plumbing & Heating. When you discuss your options with them you should look for systems that require few moving parts or complex electronic gadgetry.